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El Crappola

That's Spanish for my El-Jay

Ashley Dawn Marie
13 January
Most of my entries are fee-rends only because they probably incriminate me as being a jerk or bored far too much or long windedly nonsensical or all of the above.

I idolize librarians and will be one when I grow up.

I wish Dumbledore was my grandfather.
1337, amusment parks, angel sanctuary, apples in stereo, art, being a doofus, belle, boheme, books, bouncing around, bowls of oranges, camping, cartoons, chasing butterflies, childrens stories, climbing trees, corn on the cob, costumes, dancing crudely, dizziness, doodling, dorms, drawing, dreaming, epcot, europe, fairy tales, fearing microwaves, feist, ff4, ff6, final fantasy, flight of the conchords, freedom, friends, fruits, futurama, glitter, grunge, guelph, hans christian anderson, harry potter, hating logic, hey girl hey, hugging things, hugging trees, hula hooping, india ink, indie rock, introspection, jewels, journals, katimavik, knitting, laughing at myself, les cowboys fringants, literature, lol, lovedrug, magic, making faces at passer-byers, milton, mocking myself, mocking things in general, modest mouse, movies, moving, murder by death, my friends, my wii, myths, naps, new brunswick, nirvana, ontario, oscar wilde, outrospection, people, perfectionism, photography, pictures, plays, poetry, pop, purple things, québec, r.e.m., ranting, reading, rock and/or roll, roller coasters, rusty spoons, saskatchewan, savage garden, sleeping, sociology, spinning really really fast, spring cleaning, staring into space, stars, stories, summertime in saskatchewan, surrealism, swimming, tales, the selfish giant, the snow queen, the weasleys, the white ninja, the wild swans, theme parks, thinking in circles, travel, trees, vegetarianism, vintage, volunteering, wasting my life, wdwip, whims, whimsy, wings, wishes, wishing on stars, wonder, writing, yelling at my computer, yelling at shadows, yelling in general


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